We believe that each student we encounter has the ability to be great. Greatness is finding your purpose and pursing it with 100% effort. We focus on 3 key areas that will assist students in their overall growth into adulthood.


College Blitz: Our students have the opportunity to attend local and state college fairs and tours. We believe that early exposure to the benefits of college will take away the stigma that college is unattainable. We believe that students will begin to accept that college is an option for them as they begin to understand the process of applying, finding funds to pay, and matriculating through to college graduation.


Scholarships: RCF offers 4 annual nonrenewable scholarships to seniors from Jefferson County High School and Williston-Elko High school.


Literacy Love:  We understand the importance of reading and the impact it has on someone’s life. We join in the effort to make sure our students have access to age appropriate reading materials and resources to combat literacy.  We partner with Jefferson County Schools to provide resources to local students.


College Test Prep: We provide vouchers for students who do not qualify for additional waivers to take the standardized testing required for college. Students are chosen based on pre-qualifying conditions provided to guidance counselors upon request. Students must be Juniors or Seniors at a participating high school.

Healthy Living

Camp C.h.o.i.c.e.s.- RCF provides management services to youth football camps through out Georgia. We partner with current and former NFL players to provide free non-contact football camps to youth participants. Camps are held in the respective town of choice by our partner players.


Spring Break Academy- A select group of hand-picked high school Juniors and Seniors are selected annually to attend Spring Break Academy. Students train at our professional training facilities with NFL players, while focusing on individual football skills. Students are hand -selected and admission is highly competitive. Students receive specialized attention specific to their skills, positions, and goals. While attending Spring Break Academy, students attend local sporting events, participate in a community service initiative, and have a little fun. Students must be males at a participating high school partner.

Character Development

Project M.E.E.- Project M.E.E. is a one-week academy for young women in middle and high school.  The curriculum at Project M.E.E. is designed to motivate, educate, and empower young women to be their best selves. Students must be females at a participating high school partner. We believe that making the right choices and promoting self-love can lead to greater personal development. This initiative is meant to help girls grow into empowered young women. 

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